Mount Penn


Boards and Commissions

Planning Commission

(Meetings held as necessary)
4 Year Term

James Cocuzza, Chair12/31/23
Francis Kelly12/31/23
Joseph Cunliffe12/31/23
Christopher Falencki, P.E.McCarthy Engineering

Zoning Hearing Board
(Meetings held as necessary)
3 Year Term

Peter Heizmann, Chair12/31/22
Charles Miller III12/31/21
 Darryl Lauler12/31/22
David S. Sobotka, Solicitor 

Mount Penn Municipal Authority
(Meetings 2nd Wednesdays)
5 Year Term

Kelly Dudash12/31/21
Joe Boyle12/31/23
Thomas Smith12/31/19
Thomas Staron12/31/20
Alfred Worrall12/31/22

Recreation Commission
(Meetings held 1st Wednesday)
3 Year Term

Michael Worrall12/31/20
Kelly Dudash12/31/20

Police Commission
(Meetings held 1st Thursday)
1 Year Term

Josh Nowotarski12/31/20
James Cocuzza12/31/20
Ryan Maurer12/31/20

Antietam Valley Municipal Authority
(Meetings 4th Thursday)
5 Year Term

Claudia Hurwitz12/31/24
Francis Kelly12/31/23
Troy Goodman12/31/22
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